Manmohan Tiwari receives a rare compliment from dad for his performance on &TV’s Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari

Every new role opens a whole new world of opportunities for an actor. Some of these actors make every
character ‘theirs’ with the kind of grit and passion they embrace each varied character. One such
underrated gem on television is actor Manmohan Tiwari who has made a name for himself with his
acting skills.
Tiwari who began his journey on television with a reality show went on to ace the role of a villain in
numerous shows thereafter. When people thought that’s all he is good at, he proved them wrong by
taking up some roles in the comedy genre and aced it with perfection. The actor who is currently a part of
&TV’s light-hearted drama Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari plays the role of Pappu (Gudiya’s brother) on
the show. He recently revealed some heart-warming things his father had to say about his character in
the new show.
The actor shared, “Universally moms are the ones that always praise their children even in their smallest
of achievements while Dads are those tough nuts to crack, not very forthcoming or expressive. As they
believe praising their child more often might result in them becoming overconfident. While Manmohan
has always been praised by his mom always, but his father has always been more reserved with his
comments and appreciation. But seeing his son’s performance and the show Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe
Bhari, his father not only praised him but also the makers for putting together such a situational comedy
show bringing smile to everyone’s face in every frame. He particularly remarked, Ye show agar nahi chala
toh kya chala? Hearing him rarely appreciating my work, I just couldn’t control my emotion and surely
heart swelled with pride. In my career of almost 16-18 shows never has my father said any like that and
these sudden words really meant a lot to me and pleasantly surprised me.”
Watch Manmohan’s stellar performance on Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari every Mon-Fri at 9.30 only

on &TV.
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